About RE Limited

Welcome to RE Limited, where occupational health and safety meet innovation and excellence. At RE Limited, we are dedicated to creating safer workplaces in heavy industries, with a particular focus on the mining sector.

yellow truck on gray road during daytime
yellow truck on gray road during daytime

Who We Are:

RE Limited is a dynamic force in the field of occupational safety and so much more. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to the success of our clients, we specialize in providing comprehensive support, training, and compliance solutions tailored to the unique challenges that modern companies face.

Our Expertise:

Our team and partner network brings together a blend of expertise in occupational health and safety, emergency response, and site security. Our unique perspective is derived from our broad range of collective experience with backgrounds in military, emergency response and mining.

What Sets Us Apart:

Industry Specialization: Safety excellence has become a top priority for modern companies, and we understand the specific safety needs of those in heavy industries, particularly in the mining sector.

Boots on the Ground: Practical, in-person safety support or consultation provides the peace of mind our clients need and ensures that we understand and deliver effectively on those needs.

Comprehensive Training: Customizable, engaging, exposure-based training, meant to ensure knowledge application beyond the classroom, real-world effectiveness when it matters most, and a return on employee training investment.

Relationship Based: The foundation of our approach to success is based on relationship building. Getting to know and understand the needs of our clients and their people, and by expanding our network of partners, we can better provide the right solution, every time.

Why Choose RE Limited:

Tailored Solutions: Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of your company and operations.

Experienced Team: Our team brings years of practical experience and a passion from a diverse background.

Proactive Approach: We believe in preventing incidents before they occur, ensuring the preparedness and well-being of your team.

When you think safety, think RE Limited.