Some of the ways an RE Limited Safety Specialist can help?

  • Develop and implement comprehensive project safety plans in alignment with company policies and regulatory requirements.

  • Conduct regular site inspections and audits to identify potential hazards and ensure compliance with safety standards.

  • Collaborate with project managers to integrate safety considerations into project planning and execution.

  • Provide ongoing safety training to project teams, emphasizing best practices and fostering a safety-conscious culture.

  • Investigate incidents and accidents, analyzing root causes and recommending corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

  • Collaborate with regulatory agencies and represent your best interests during safety inspections and audits.

  • Maintain safety records and documentation, including incident reports, training records, and safety meeting records.

  • Ensure project teams are well-prepared for potential emergency incidents.

  • Communicate regularly with stakeholders, including clients and subcontractors, regarding safety performance and initiatives.

An experienced Safety Manager, on-site or remote to meet your needs.

A great option for construction or short term projects, development of new safety personnel, or during hiring efforts, so you can take the time needed to find the right candidate.

Safety Management

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